I Miss The Police

Who is protecting and serving this country? I never see the police on the highway when I’m traveling. There are however, sets of decoy red and blue lights rigged up on the side of the highway every few miles or so, but they are not convincing anyone to slow down.

Really, it is an everyday occurrence to all but get run over by a string of cars running red lights. I’m not kidding, I saw a woman make the sign of the cross and actually kiss her rosary before crossing the street one day.

The only reason drivers don’t actually slaughter anyone while they race through town Tokyo Drift style, is because people jump out of the way. This is not like when we accelerate through a yellow light in the States, or about distracted driving. I’m talking about complete disregard for stop signs and red lights and other human beings. I experienced this last year with taxi drivers and thought it was just taxis and “Oh, they’re just crazy” but it’s a traffic pandemic. IF they stop slow down, they come so close to taking you out, you can feel the heat from their engine, and drivers inch up to your knees, glaring at you like you like WHY ARE YOU USING THAT WALK SIGN. Is there such a thing as sidewalk rage? I haven’t even told you about the buses.

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