Post Visa

Who knew clicking a simple “submit” button on an online application to work abroad would launch me onto an emotional rollercoaster ride of endless identity verifications, academic authentications, and immigration legalities, all the while working under Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  My initial recruiter didn’t speak English, my fingerprints were too fine […]


Nongdaemun Market

Day 7: Nongdemun Market David met up with us to shop around the infamously huge Nondaemun market. That’s 2 days in a row that I got to speak English! Ginseng. I didn’t get my hopes up for cheap shopping while in Korea. My mom had told me, with inflation, the Korean won had basically the […]


Osan AFB

Day 5: Osan AFB I’m in OSAN! Osan has its own airport and is one of the bigger bases I’ve been on (Gunsan AFB, Ellsworth AFB, Grant Forks AFB, Scott AFB, Hickam AFB, Hawaii Marine Corps Base, Army Schofield, Pearl Harbor, Fort Campbell, Quantico Marine Corps Base, Fort Meade). I’m a little homesick but even the military […]